Ignited Leaders here to walk beside you!

About Carolyn & Donna

We are an unstoppable duo:

  • We are aligned on our Purpose: We are like sisters separated at birth and reunited by God. Our purpose to help entrepreneurs live the life they deserve is fueled by a strong faith-based calling.
  • We have Strategic Fit: We are like two puzzle pieces. We fit together in a way that amplifies our strengths and strengthens our weaknesses.
  • We believe in Results: We have both experienced amazing success in our lives, so we know how to get there and we play to win!! Go big or go home.

We are:

  • We are Authentic – We are the real deal. Nothing hidden here. Integrity through and through.
  • Strong – Willing and able to fight alongside you. We show up to win.
  • Experienced – Been there and done that. We are resilient, seasoned.
  • Caring – Your success is our first priority.
  • Fun – We’ll show you how the journey can be fun.

Carolyn Andrews

Carolyn is passionate about working with business owners to support them as they develop leadership skills and capacity, grow their businesses, and achieve maximum results.

Carolyn is the founder of Inspired Leaders Now and is a certified business and executive coach. Her business experience ranges from Fortune 100 companies to organizations with less than 50 staff members.

Carolyn is instrumental in implementing strategies and building relationships that positively impact growth, increase effectiveness, improve operational efficiency and help owners enhance their leadership skills while driving for results.

Carolyn has extensive senior-level leadership experience in the corporate world and more than 10 years of experience in small business management, including starting up new businesses and coaching existing businesses.

Donna Raum

Donna is an amazing woman who has a passion for supporting others and guiding them to live an amazing life. Donna holds a Masters in Business Leadership and has earned a Harvard certificate in leadership excellence. She is also a certified coach, teacher, trainer, and speaker with the John Maxwell Team.

With over 25 years of engineering and leadership development in organizations of diverse types and sizes, including small to midsize businesses, global corporations, and local community groups, she has a unique perspective on technology and leadership.

Donna considers it one of life‘s biggest blessings to be able to combine her love for engineering and her passion for leadership in a meaningful way every day.

Let’s set up a few minutes to chat about the possibilities.