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An inspired leader is someone who recognizes, appreciates and develops leadership in every person within an organization. Inspired leaders understand that hiring to maintain a company’s culture is critical to success. They also believe that everyone within their organization should work to his or her own strengths and skills to create a positive and productive environment.
Discover how you can become a ‘Leader of Leaders’ who Excels, Achieves and Inspires others to transform your organization to a much higher level of success.

Lead Leaders … Not Workers!

Inspired leaders believe that everyone in their organization is a leader. They know how to appreciate their unique skills and company loyalty. Inspired leaders hire and develop people who deeply value the company’s culture and aspire to grow and thrive within that organization.

One-to-One Coaching

Achieve massive results and realize your goals through education, empowerment and inspiration.


Achieve great results with group coaching while collaborating with like-minded business owners.


Strategies to EXCEL as a leader, show you ways to ACHIEVE great results and teach you how to INSPIRE others.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events and programs targeted at creating specific business and leadership outcomes.

Take Your Company to the Next Level!

Creating leaders of leaders and empowering all employees to perform as leaders is core to your business growth success. An inspired leader chooses to be the Vision Holder and Chief Strategy Officer to guide others.

While launching a growth campaign is important, insuring that the leadership team is ready to drive and support the growth is critical. Additionally, once the team, environment and systems are successfully in place, your company will be effectively positioned for sale or diversification, if that’s your desired goal.

Much More Than Business Coaching!

If you’re the owner of a company and ready for growth, we’ll work with your organization to create and develop an executive leadership team that will take the company to next level.

Business coaching can help you grow your business, yet when you combine that with inspiration and empowerment for you and your team … you will be able to play a bigger game!

Create a Platform for Success

nspired Leaders Now provides a unique combination of business coaching, inspirational leadership mentoring, and business owner empowerment.

Our unique approach is based upon Carolyn Andrews’ extensive experience as a senior executive at a multi-national financial firm, owner of several successful small businesses, high-level corporate and government consultant, and developer of successful mentoring programs for youth and business owners. Her main focus is on creating economic development opportunities for businesses ready for growth and creating their platform for success.

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