Empower Yourself and Your Team and become an Inspired Leader!

Empowered!!!  Inspired!!!  What amazing words!  What does it mean to be empowered…or to empower others?  Who should you empower and why?  How do I become inspired and then inspire others?

Those are great questions and you need the answers if your goal is to take your career and your results to the next level.  To achieve success, you must empower yourself and your team.  Develop a vision to share with others, see the clarity so you can show them the way and the have the passion to get them excited about the goals that you can achieve together.  Inspire them to be a part of the success, help them grow in skills and confidence and create a more satisfied and happy team that go on an amazing journey together.  Along the way, you will find your inspiration and then you can’t help but inspire others!

This interactive presentation will offer the secrets to understanding and achieving empowerment.  It will give you strategies to EXCEL as a leader, show you ways to ACHIEVE great results and teach you how to INSPIRE others.


Expected Learnings

Empower Yourself

  • Set clear actionable goals
  • Ask yourself what you want (in business and in life)
  • Have a clear understanding as you walk through life
  • Discover what is stopping you from getting what you want and deserve
  • Visualize achieving your goals – make them real
  • Get control of your time, but take it slowly
  • Get inspired to play bigger – be all you can be

Empower Your Team

  • Learn how to teach them what they need to know with support and encouragement
  • Develop controls (goals, targets, deadlines) and monitor progress
  • Understand the value of coaching them, push them to be better and praise them when they succeed
  • Feel confident in managing the risk of empowerment (failure is an option, so manage the risk)
  • Learn how to assign responsibility and allow others to own projects and take responsibility
  • Practice celebrating success

Learn the secrets of Inspiration

  • You can’t inspire others unless you are inspired!
  • You must hold the vision and set the course!
  • You create paths to success with passion and guidance
  • You know your “why”, your purpose and you help others find theirs
  • Inspired leaders align their thoughts, actions and words to encourage others